Why join a MockingBird Band?

MockingBird has put together all the details and deals with all the minutia so you can have a low-commitment, non-stressful, fun experience. We make it easy for you to have a great time once a week and then an incredible experience at the end of the program at your performance playing for family and friends on our stage!  -- Why not join?

So what do we mean by "All Rock"?

All Rock includes rock music from any era and sub-syle with the exceptions of any extreme metal/speed metal/death metal,hardcore etc. (can you tell I'm not a metal fan?) We also do not allow any songs with lyrics that are not appropriate for our audiences.

How are the songs chosen?

Songs are chosen in one of two ways:

1. Each band member submits song suggestions to the band leader and he choses one song from each member's list and/or...

2. The band leader makes song suggestions from which the group can choose.

What does the band leader do?

In addition to helping with song selection, the band leader sets up the rehearsal room for each practice, facilitates the practice to ensure progress and participation by all is achieved, fills in on any instrument that may be missing, and coaches band members in their individual and collective parts. 

How should I prepare to play in a MockingBird Band?

You should have a better than beginner level aptitude on your instrument (or voice) in most bands, be enthusiastic, be willing to compromise and be ready to ROCK!

How do I know if I am ready?

Ask your instructor or ask me - owner Mark DeLuzio. I have been running bands for kids and adults for 20 years. I have convinced countless people to try it when they assured me they were "not ready" To my knowledge, not one of those people has ever regretted participating. I am going to put you into a situation where you can have fun and feel comfortable - I promise.

I have vacations planned and will miss a few practices. 

Should I wait until next session? 

We ask that you attend 75% of the rehearsals of any session. We understand (especially in the summer) that everyone is going to miss some. Remember, these programs are designed to be low-pressure and fun. No stress! Just do it!

I don't play a traditional Rock Instrument - What can I do?

Ridiculous -  I can't think of an instrument that hasn't been incorporated into Rock and Roll. 

We will find a place for you and your instrument whether it's mandolin or flute or cello or bagpipes (well maybe not bagpipes).


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