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Bluegrass is a form of American roots music, and a related genre of country music. Influenced by the music of Appalachia, bluegrass has mixed roots in Irish, Scottish and English traditional music, and was also later influenced by the music of Africa

In bluegrass, as in some forms of jazz, one or more instruments each takes its turn playing the melody and improvising around it, while the others perform accompaniment; this is especially typified in tunes called breakdowns. This is in contrast to old-time music, in which all instruments play the melody together or one instrument carries the lead throughout while the others provide accompaniment. Breakdowns are often characterized by rapid tempos and unusual instrumental dexterity and sometimes by complex chord changes.

Band Leader and Instructor Steve Latinision (you really need to check out his website)
is a multi-instrumentalist playing anything with strings. As a Berklee School of Music graduate, he has played and recorded the fiddle, pedal and lap steel, banjo, dobro, mandolin, six, and twelve string guitars. He performs in several groups - syles include Bluegrass, Irish, Americana, Folk, Jazz, and Country. Steve is an instructor on all these instruments at MockingBird and wants to share his love and knowledge of Bluegrass music with anyone who has the interest.

If you have a better than beginner aptitude on your instrument (or voice) and would like to stretch yourself into this style of music, then join Steve and MockingBird for a class and jam program. Steve will teach and guide players even if they have no experience playing blugrass yet.

Bluegrass instruments include all of the string instruments including bass as well as percussion and vocals

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