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"Motown" was actually a record company founded by Berry Gordy Jr. in 1959 but is more widely understood as a "sound" - probably best described as soul with a distinct pop influence. Motown played an important role in the racial integration of popular music as an African American-owned record label that achieved significant crossover success. In the 1960s, artists such as The Miracles (Smokey Robinson), The Supremes, The Jackson 5, Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye, The Four Tops, and The Temptations, just to name a few, led Motown to achieve 79 records in the Top Ten of the Billboard Hot 100 record chart between 1960 and 1969. The music is still widely popular today around the world.

Band Leader Mike Mchugh has a true passion for this style of music and incorporates many of these artists into his sets as a performing musician. Mike hopes to bring together players who share a love for the Motown sound, and help them understand what makes these songs so uniquie and iconic, thereby teaching them to recreate and honor the music.

If you have a better than beginner aptitude on your instrument (or voice) and would like to stretch yourself into this geniune American style of music, then join Mike and MockingBird this summer for an experience you will not forget.

Mike is looking for Drums, Guitar, Bass, Keys, Vocalists and Horn players.

The Horn players will come in toward the end of the program in September for the final four rehearsals to fill out the songs and complete the sound.

(Horn players may be as young as Juniors in High School. You will be required to only pay for the one month - $140).

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