DRUMMERS - This is for YOU!

Rock Drums for Kids and Teens
ages 10-15
Tuesday Evenings 8:00-9:00pm
Easton Location with Instructor Eddie Roselli
Level: Late Beginner / Early Intermediate

This band is designed especially for drummers who have been playing awhile but have not yet played in a band. Instructor Eddie Roselli and assistant Pat Driscoll will play guitar, bass and vocals as needed. Other student musicians may be added as the program proceeds.

- Each drummer chooses a song in which they would like to be featured.

- Each drummer will prepare a drum solo with their private instructor.

- Drummers may be given the opportunity to play percussion instruments when

We seek 1 additional drummers, as well as intermediate guitarists, bass players, keyboard players and vocalists

Begins: Feb 28th 9 consecutive Tuesdays
Concert: Friday April 28th 8pm
Cost : Feb $30 , Mar $120, Apr $150

MockingBird School of Music

905 South Main Street Mansfield, MA 508-339-6727

594 Washington Street South Easton, MA 508-238-8494