18 independent music instructors currently teach at MockingBird Music - more bios will be added soon!

Eric Anderson, Drum Instructor

•Bachelor's degree from The New England Institute for the Arts in Audio Technology and Engineering, Music Production and Theory.

• Has been teaching drums since 2005.

• Has performed in clubs and venues throughout New England including the Tweeter Center’s Locobazooka.

• Favorite artists include Steve Smith, Journey, Dream Theater and Greg Bissonet.

Eric has been a mainstay at MockingBird since we moved to Mansfield in 2000. First as a customer, then as a student, then as a volunteer helping us move to our new location. Before long he was engineering the occasional recording session and now he’s our Second Engineer and has two full days teaching drums. One thing we know for sure about Eric: he’s a hard worker! That’s reflected in the advice he gives to all his students: “Practice a lot and strive to be better than average.” Eric follows that advice himself, both in his role as a drummer and recording engineer. Through his dedication to both pursuits Eric has developed a keen ear for musical detail, an important quality both in the studio and in drum lessons. He shares this with his clients and students by offering his perceptions of their work, helping them to develop the ability to hear in new ways to further develop their talents.

Matt SpitzDrum, Piano, Guitar Instructor

Matt Spitz is a musician and music educator with a BA in Music from Brown University. Matt plays drums and sings in the fun funny funk band the Van Burens and teaches drums, piano, guitar, and bass at Mockingbird Music in Mansfield, where he also serves as a band coach.
Zachary King:Drums,Percussion instructor

Zachary King is a versatile performer, educator, and composer who has been playing and studying music since the age of five. He teaches drum set and percussion.

Zak received his Bachelor of Music in Music Education from the University of New Hampshire, where he studied with Les Harris, Jr., and Nancy Smith. He is currently completing his Master of Music in Jazz Performance at the New England Conservatory under the tutelage of Billy Hart, Bob Moses, and Jerry Leake.

In addition to recording and touring with metal act Epicenter, Zak performs with a variety of musicians in the New England area as both a leader and a sideman.