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*** This offer expires on May 10th ***
*** You must sign up by May 10th to take advantage of this offer ***
Dear Friend of MockingBird,

We're happy to tell you the MockingBird Band Program has grown to be bigger and better than ever!

(Click the image to check out our last performance!)

We have more people in more bands than ever before. We'd like to thank you all for your participation (or potential participation!) by offering you a new streamlined way to sign up for the next round of summer season bands... along with money and time saving offers.

Our new method of registration now includes a pre-registration period. This will enable our staff to better handle the increasing numbers of participants and provide you with a better experience.

If you are at all interested in participating in the Summer Session, begin by simply clicking on the link below that best describes your current status.

This is only pre-registration! It in no way obligates you to participate nor does it cost you any money! It's only a first step that will help your friends at MockingBird gauge interest and better prepare and organize the Band Program. It's all part of our continuing effort to make it better for you!

Thank you and rock on!

Mark DeLuzio

Summer 2019 Band Program at MockingBird

We have modified our regular program this summer to make it easier than ever for you to participate. 

-        Early Enrollment Discount– Enroll by May 10 thand we’ll deduct $5/month

-        Start in June– Get the band off to a solid start before vacations.
An early start ensures 4 weeks of rehearsal before July 4 th week.

-        Take a Week OFF – No rehearsals the week of July 4th
(we are not charging for this week so it will not be made up)

-        FREE – Vacation credit– we will deduct one week's tuition from your
September bill for a vacation week where you can’t attend band rehearsal.
(Everyone will receive this credit regardless of the week you miss)

-        End at the end of September– finish with 4 solid weeks of rehearsals with
everyone in attendance - vacation time is over!

-        How it Breaks down:
  • Most bands meet once a week for 60 minutes.
  • The cost is $30/week.
  • This special summer session includes 16 rehearsals.
  • With the early enrollment discount you will be charged $115 each for June, July & August and $85 for Sept.
  • (90 minute bands add $10/week)

  • Current Participants: if you are currently playing in a MockingBird Band - Enroll in-store or Click Here

  • Past Participants: Click Here if you are not currently participating but have participated in the past.

  • New Participants: Click here if this will be your first MockingBird Band.