Guitars & Basses

 In House - Most of our guitar and bass repairs are done in house by us. We  have been maintaining and repairing guitars and basses for more than ten  years. Most in-house repairs are completed within one week.

 Off site - We work closely with a local luthier (guitar builder) who can handle  more complicated repairs such as re-frets, top repair, brace replacements,  head stock reglues, and more.

 Custom work - Buzz Felten Intonation Authorized Retrofitter (if you are  unfamiliar with this, please ask us - it could change your playing forever)

 Pickup Installation - we sell and install pickups from Seymore Duncan,  Dimarzio, Fishman,EMG, Fender, Gibson, and others. Jim Gibson offers replacement and guitar mods at The Music Machine. Click Here for Prices


 Band & Orchestra Instruments

 Off Site - We work closely with independent repairmen to provide  quality maintenance and repairs on your instruments. Each repairman has  his areas of expertise and we work with you to determine the best place for  your situation in order to fit your budget, schedule, and expectations. These  repairs take a minimum of 1-3 weeks.


Amplifiers, PA, Keyboards

 We offer ON-SIGHT repairs by Jim Gibson at The Music Machine location. Jim has been repairing and modifying electronic equipment and guitars for over 30 years!
- NEXT DAY service available when possible
- HOUSE CALL services available
Click Here for Jim Gibson's Price List

Jim also designs and sells portable AV projector carts. (Click Here for more Info)

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